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Driving in St.Thomas (2016) Fortuna Bay to UVI

St. Thomas Virgin Islands USVI drive U.S. Virgin Islands

This video of a drive on the west end of St. Thomas was taken by the grandson of a friend. If you want to follow along on Google Maps, it starts at Blakefall Bay (an arm of Fortuna Bay), continues north on Mario Lewis Drive, turns right onto Fortuna Road, then continues onto Brewers Bay Road and Julian Jackson Drive. (It would be easier to just say Mario Lewis Drive, then follow Route 30 eastward, but for some reason Google Maps omitted most of the route numbers.) Unfortunately, there are hardly any Street Views in the Virgin Islands.


As you can see at 8:48, we are in the middle of election season.


Those of you who live in California (ahem) may notice some linear barriers along the sides of some of the roads. These are called “guard rails.”

I really enjoy seeing other parts of the world, and yours is so luscious and green!  A great long downhill ride.  Because we could not see the vehicle at all it felt like riding through the area on a bicycle.

Cousin Ricky
Nov 03 2016 12:06 PM

Thanks. We've been getting a lot of rain lately. I'd pray some of it your way if prayer had an efficacy rate any higher than 0.0%.

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