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Outback Australia

Most Australians live in large cities and never get off the bitumen roads, so they will never get to see sights like those shown in this video.

As a matter of interest, Australia has the ONLY herd of feral camels in the world (numbering about one million). We even export wild camels to the Arabian countries where they are used for breeding (injecting new DNA into local domesticated herds).

Before proper roads were built across Australia, Muslim cameleers (always referred to as "Afghans" though most came from India) brought their camel trains and used them to transport goods and mail all over the outback. Eventually though, the camel trains were superseded by mechanised transport, so the Afghans went back home and their camels were left to roam free in the wilderness. They've been breeding ever since.

Admittedly, if your Australian holiday itinerary includes all the usual tourist spots, you'll never find your path blocked by a herd of wild camels - but if you turn off the highway and head down one of the corrugated dirt roads who knows what will happen...

Keep teasing us with videos of your fascinating country, it's great.
There used to be a time when people from overseas still believed that we had kangaroos hopping down the main streets of our towns and cities - well just the other week I came across a video showing exactly that - a kangaroo on the road in the heart of Melbourne (pop about 5 million). Trouble was it had been hit by a car and a policeman pulled out his gun and shot it. Too sad, I thought, and didn't bother to link it here.But there's heaps of other stuff...

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