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Big bang and Evolution

cosmic skeptic cosmicskeptic

The Cosmic Skeptic is a young man rapidly becoming popular for his calm, cool, clear headed thinking as well as a professional, pleasant demeanor. Here he debunks a Youtube video claiming to prove the bullshit known as Intelligent design.

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Let's hope that fundy never starts hearing voices in his head - look out if he does.

Tom in Napa
Mar 18 2019 09:25 PM
Alex, I agree. Don’t say someone is lying or stupid. Instead, say you have different or better-supported information. BTW, evolution yes; big bang no. You identified a couple of authorities. Theists do that, but they believe their authorities. Scientists question sources, or test their findings. Re infinities. Mathematicians have them; physicists don’t. (I studied graduate level physics and I’ve never found even one infinity.) For supported info visit www.newtoeu,com and look around. Then download the free PDF and evaluate it. Tom in Napa.

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