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Immortal Invisible

I made this video slide-show about two years ago. It's not very good, but I can't do any better because I'm not very artistic. Even if I had a video program to do something professional, I would still be limited by my imagination (or lack thereof).

My friends tell me that they didn't know what was coming and it took them a while to figure out what was going on - and by then they were starting to lose interest.

Even so, despite its failings, I still like the basic idea.

I like it. It took me a while too to get that the singing was contrapuntal to the quotes, but only 10 or 15 seconds. Leviticus is really the book of the Old Testament that makes it clear Yahweh was invented by a grumpy old man that used to yell at the kids "Get out of my cave!".I'm still hoping we can get a proposition on the ballot here in California that would requite the death penalty for children who bad mouth Mom or Dad. After all, if we are going to put Leviticus into the state Constitution let's get on with it.God of LoveGod of HateOnly a foolCalls Him great

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