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Nobody Can Disprove God

This is a compilation of comments this individual has made in his videos.
Lie All The Time
Abuse Their Families
Have No Moral Compass
Are Only Out For Themselves
Are Responsible For The Spread Of STD's
Are Responsible For Teen Pregnancy
Don't Care If Everyone Dies

This man is a testament to the ignorance that religion breeds in humanity.

All these and more! Only at

Original Video

Before we can begin to prove that x does not exist it is necessary to define x.For each case of an Imaginary Bearded Sky Daddy that has been invented by a human being there is a unique set of preposterous claims, often including mutually exclusive traits, such that, in most or all cases, it is only necessary to examine the ridiculous claims made about a particular Imaginary Bearded Sky Daddy in order to observe that the imagined description of that fictional deity contains paradoxical claims that make it blatantly obvious it could not exist.If I were to say to you, "I'm thinking about something, but I will not tell you what it is. You can not prove that the thing I am thinking of does not exist" I might be correct in my claim that you can not prove the non-existence of an unknown object. A detailed claim must be made before a logical person can begin to examine the details of the claim.So, when a Jeebustard, Yahwehtard, Allahtard or Buddhatard claims that a rational person can not prove their imaginary friend does not exist the rational response is to ask the delusional person to describe their invisible friend. Only then can reason be applied to illustrate the absurdities of a specific religious delusion.While there may not be a single sentence that can be used to prove the non-existence of every single imaginary creature that ever has been or ever will be invented, when considered on an individual basis each Imaginary Bearded Sky Daddy is clearly fictitious, ridiculous, idiotic, and dumb.Besides, it is incorrect in the first place to expect a rational person to disprove every silly invention of persons with a weak grasp of reality. The burden of proof rests on the person making the obviously ridiculous claim about having an invisible friend.Obviously preposterous claims should be dismissed or regarded with extreme caution until such time as the person afflicted with a religious delusion wipes the drool off their face and says something that actually makes sense.

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