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Tobacco Road - Nashville Teens

The British group with the American name.

When this tune came out in 1964, I was earning 70 cents an hour working at the Automagic Carwash in Edgecliff (Sydney, Australia). My last job (a few months ago) paid just over $20 per hour. Things have changed, but this song is still one of my favourites.

Formed in 1962, The Nashville Teens were the product of the merger of two local bands in the Weybridge, Surrey, area. The band were unusual in that hey retained two lead singers - Ray Phillips and Arthur Sharp. The name was derived from the Everly Brothers song "Nashville Blues".

After some experimentation during their "apprenticeship" in Hamburg (including the short lived addition of a third lead vocal - Terry Crow) the band settled down and there were few changes of personnel during the early sixties. In 1966 drummer Barry Jenkins left to join The Animals, and pianist John Hawken joined Keith Relf of The Yardbirds to form Renaissance.

Art Sharp moved on in the early 1970's to follow a career in record producing, and today Ray Phillips is the sole "original" band member.

Gawd I loved this song!!!! I'd play this over, and over, and over again until some family member started yelling at me.This here is what you call Rock and Roll, with lots of each.I'll give it a 10.
That's what I've always said - The best rock-n-roll song ever!And not too many people would disagree.

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